Bike SeatSaver – Sport Grey


Article number: BSS002 GR

Color: Grey

Material: Air Mesh/ Neoprene

Dimensions: Sport model, suitable for small saddle

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Bike SeatSaver Saddle Cover

Our ergonomic FastFabrics saddle cover is perfect for your bike or hometrainer. The cover supports your bodies contours, offers comfort and reduces saddle soreness. Due to the use of an elastic cord, it remains firmly in place. In addition, the durable cover guarantees long-time use.

This bike saddle cover also takes care of your bum during those long hours in the saddle. The 3D woven fabric called Air Mesh has unique shock absorbing and ventilating properties, which will ensure an even pressure distribution onto your seat bones. This will make saddle pain and sores something of the past! Unlike gel, memory foam or sheepskin covers, the Air Mesh Bike Pad is highly ventilating. Even after heavy rainfall it will be dry in no time! The open structure of he fabric always provides a cool and dry surface and never gets sweaty. This is important because sweatiness and moisture are one of the main causes of sores. So, a dry SeatSaver is a must if you are cycling often.

You can order the Bike SeatSaver in 2 sizes; Sport or Basic. Like the name suggests, the sport model is more appropriate for sporty bikes with a narrower saddle. The basic variant is wider and better for regular saddles.


The seat cover is lightweight, machine washable at 30° and quick to dry. It is lightweight and a perfect accessory to bring on a cycling holiday. It remains firmly in place due to the use of an elastic cord. The FastFabrics Bike SeatSaver comes in two sizes; sport and basic. Check out our tips for the maintenance of our products.


If you would like to read up on saddle soreness and tips for the prevention of said bum pain, check out this link!


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