Air Boots Black


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Color: Black

Material: Air Mesh

Dimensions: Cob & Full

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The FastFabrics AirBoots will keep the horse’s legs cool while offering optimal protection during a workout! It will prevent overheating of the tendons, while keeping the legs protected at all times. The lightweight sports boots are made out of AirMesh, a ventilating, 3D material that is designed to reduce impacts and wicks away heat and moist. The perforated protector on the inside is made from abrasion resistant microfiber that prevents damage to the legs and fetlock area and can withstand even the sharpest horseshoe!

The boots are machine washable and water and moist resistant. The open structure of the fabric creates a thin layer of air around the horse’s legs. Making these AirBoots one of the lightest and most breathable leg protectors on the market!

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